Has Your Pediatrician Told You About Peanut Allergy Prevention?


Old habits die hard, as the saying goes.  For many years doctors told us not to give our babies foods that were considered allergenic as a way to keep them from developing food allergies.  We now know this to be a misguided idea, one that may have even led to some children developing allergies that could possibly have been prevented.

If you have a baby and your pediatrician or medical provider has not yet spoken to you about the importance of introducing peanuts at an early age (from 4-6 months and up), please discuss this issue with him or her.

Please also consider printing out and giving or sending the following letter as an explanation of the subject and as an invitation for the Pediatrician or Medical Provider to become better acquainted with this very important and life-changing topic.

With our very best wishes for good health for you and your family,

The Cheeky Monkey Team

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